How membership works

How membership works

Lone Stars Member Benefits

Your Lone Star membership includes:

  • Twice yearly purchase of a curated six pack from Lone Star Creek at member prices.
  • 10% off any additional wine purchases.
  • 20% off any purchases of six or more wines (normally only 10% off)
  • Free delivery* to capital cities for purchases of 6 wines or more (*except Tasmania, WA and NT, and regional areas).
  • Special offers on Our Wines and Stable Wines, including verticals and museum releases as available.
  • First access to new releases and offers at Member prices.
  • Discounted accommodation in our Airbnb five-star rated Vine Cottage.
  • Access to our annual Lone Star Vineyard lamb offer in October each year.
  • Participation in vineyard events

The Details

Your curated packs: sent to you in April and October

  • Twice per year – usually in April & October – we will offer you the choice of curated member six-packs.
  • Whether it’s exclusive recent releases from us and the Stable Wines (made by winemakers crafting wines from our grapes), verticals over several years or comparison packs, you will get first access to wines at special prices not available to the public.
  • Our curated member six-packs will be discounted by at least 10% from on-line prices and always include free delivery.*

Regular Member pricing

  • Any online purchase will receive an additional 10% reduction in price whether it’s a single bottle purchase or an already discounted six pack.

Airbnb discount

  • Discounted accommodation in our Airbnb five-star rated Vine Cottage.
  • Three nights for the price of two – that’s one third off our standard rates; or receive a 20% discount for two night stays.
  • You will need to book accommodation through our website to receive the special pricing. Please note the standard cleaning charge will continue to apply to all bookings.

Lamb offer

  • You may have access to our annual Lone Star lamb offer in October each year.
  • Lambs born and reared on the property are culled annually to ensure we can support the flock in a sustainable way.
  • You purchase a side of lamb knowing they have been born and bred on our vineyard and contribute to our sustainable viticulture.
  • This offer is subject to arrangements for safe collection/ delivery of the produce being made prior to accepting an order from a member.

Free delivery to most of australia

  • Free delivery of six-packs, or more, is included to most capital cities (excluding Hobart, Perth & Darwin).
  • For our Hobart, Perth, Darwin and regional Australia members, you will have the option to pay a flat-rate for each product in your cart. Sometimes the Australia Post option is cheaper, so choose that one when you are checking out!


  • From time to time we may hold an event at the vineyard. For example, participation in harvest, or a wine tasting with the winemaker.
  • Members will be offered first chance to participate.
  • Please note: Any events will be held in accordance with Public Health Orders, e.g. COVID 19 constraints.

Opting out

Sometimes good things come to an end.

We know circumstances change (who expected a pandemic!?), so we like to make things easy.

You can opt out of the Lone Stars Club membership any time after receiving your first curated six-pack and up to one month prior to any future scheduled release. Just email us on

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