Lone Stars FAQS


How do I join Lone Stars?

Use the online form to join up.

We will process your joining request and send you a voucher code by email, which will apply a 10% discount to any purchase in the shop.

What are the costs of membership?

There is no joining fee.

You just need to purchase the Sampling Pack, or your own selection of wines to make up a six-pack to become a member.

(Please note, if you purchase the 2019 Lone Star Creek Sauvignon Blanc, there won’t be a 10% discount as this wine is already reduced.)

Curated Pack prices will start at $130 for the throwback pack and range up to the high $100’s for the top shelf pack – but you’ll always have a choice of which one suits you best, prior to delivery.

What wines are included in the curated packs?

Every six months we will offer up to four choices of six pack ranging from budget to premium.

The budget option will likely include wines from Lone Star Creek recent releases. Other options could include vertical wine selections and wines from our Stable collection.

How do I access member pricing in the online shop?

After you complete your online form and your initial six-pack purchase is processed, we will email you a voucher code which will apply a 10% discount to any purchase in the shop from your email address (except for Lone Star Creek 2019 Sauvignon Blanc). 

Is my Credit Card information stored securely?

Yes, you authorise Squareup to store your credit card details on our behalf when you make your first order.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Free delivery of six-packs, or more, is included to most capital cities (excluding Hobart, Perth & Darwin).

For our Hobart, Perth, Darwin and regional Australia members, you will have the option to pay a flat-rate for each product in your cart. Sometimes the Australia Post option is cheaper, so choose that one when you are checking out!

Can my friends join Lone Stars?

Of course! We love new members. Please direct them to lonestarcreek.com.au/join-lone-stars where they can complete the online form.

We greatly appreciate referred members. Let us know if a friend does join and we’ll send you a two-bottle gift pack of our wines.

How do I opt out?

You can opt out at any time after receiving the first curated pack of your membership, and up to one month prior to any future scheduled release.

If Lone Stars is not quite for you, please send us an email to hello@lonestarcreek.com.au and we will cancel your membership and instruct Squareup to destroy your credit card information.

Pick, Press and Party – P3

How do I sign up for the P3 event?

How will the P3 event work?

What will the P3 event cost?

How will I pay for the P3 event?

If you sign up before January 29, 2021, we will send you an invitation to the P3 event including details of cost. If you wish to attend, you simply reply to the invitation with guest information.

Members joining later will receive invitations on a first come first served basis, up to available capacity for the event.

This is a hands-on and participate event. You will arrive around 10.00am and we will be in the vineyard picking fruit for about 40 minutes. The fruit picked will then be pressed in a traditional basket press and racked into demijohns for settling and storage.

Finger food and beverages (including tap beer and wine) will follow. Lone Star Creek and Stable wines will be available to purchase for taking home.

We expect the event to wind up around 2.30pm.

Your two bottles of verjuice will be shipped to you with the April six-pack.

The cost will be about $55.00, which is great value. This prices includes the two bottles of verjuice, which will be shipped with the April six-pack.

Upon your confirmation, we will invoice you and charge your credit card for the event.


How do I get the discounted price for accommodation?

Our accommodation is generally booked through Airbnb. To receive the member special rates, however, you need to contact us at hello@lonestarcreek.com.au to make a reservation.

Please check availability on Airbnb prior to contacting us since reservations are on a first-come first-served basis.

We will confirm your reservation by return mail and block the days out on our Airbnb calendar.

Bookings are subject to all conditions on our Airbnb listing. This means:

  • Payment is required at the time of booking (as per Airbnb conditions)

  • Our cancellation policy on Airbnb provides for a full refund in the case of cancellation up to five days prior to the booking date

  • All other Airbnb terms and conditions apply.

Is there a minimum stay at Vine Cottage?

Yes, in line with our Airbnb conditions there is a two-night minimum stay.

What are the accommodation discounts?

The two-night minimum stay will receive a 20% discount to the standard rate.

Three-night stays receive 33% discount to the standard rates (three nights for the cost of two).

Longer stays are subject to negotiation and generally well below the standard rates.

Is the cleaning fee charged to member guests?

Yes. The cleaning fee of $50 is unavoidable, but is only charged once per stay.

lone Star lamb

What is the lamb offer?

Our lambs are bred and reared on Lone Star Creek Vineyard. Once a year, the lambs are culled to prevent over grazing and preserve the sustainability of the flock and our land. 

Lamb is sold as whole sides which, in addition to the meat, includes offcuts of fat & meat, offal, neck, etc. Most offcuts are great for pets, although there could be a bit of fat waste if you don’t render it down for dripping. Offcuts are usually around 15% of the total weight.

The meat is butchered by a local butcher in the Upper Yarra Valley.

All meat is LPA certified and abattoir stamped.

When is the lamb offer?

Our annual lamb sale generally takes place in the second half of October.

Can any member purchase our lamb?

Yes, on a first come first served basis and provided the meat can be collected safely by the member.

We do not have refrigerated delivery facilities, so all orders are subject to confirmation based on pickup commitments. This may exclude some members.

How will I pay for the lamb?

We will invoice you and charge your credit card prior to collection.