Pet Nat 2021 Field Blend


The fruit for this wine was sourced from four different varietals at Lone Star Creek Vineyard. Roughly:

Sauvignon Blanc 40%, Pinot Gris 20%, Chardonnay 20%, Pinot Noir 20%

All fruit picked on 26 February, 2021


Winemaker: Oliver Johns (Fin Wines)

Total crush: 147 dozen 


Pet Nat Fizzy Stars 2021

Inoculated yeast.

Maturation: 100% whole bunch pressed to tank and fermented dry, with a portion held back as juice. The residual juice was added to 10 grams per litre of sugar in the wine, which was bottled and placed into a warm room (15 degree C average temp).

Secondary fermentation continued in the bottle until dry before labelling and release.

Totally natural wine: Non-Filtered, non-fined, no preservative added, not stabilized.

Natural sediment from lees settles in the bottle and is harmless for consumption.

Vegan friendly: no animal products used.

10.5% alc/vol; Approx. 6 standard drinks

Tasting notes:

Lovely complex fruit aromas on the nose, with elements from all varietals in the field blend present. Plenty of acid and mouth filling flavours on the palate.

This is a fun wine with natural effervescence from the secondary ferment, providing spritzig on the palate. The wine is very moreish and very easy drinking in social situations.