Lone Star Verjuice 2021


The fruit for this condiment was sourced predominantly from fruit thinning for our Premium Pinot Noir.

Some fruit also came our Chardonnay block to lighten crop load n a cool season.

Fruit was picked in early February, 2021


The fruit was pressed in a traditional basket press and the juice transferred to demijohns to settle.

Potassium sorbate and Sulphur dioxide were added to interrupt any spontaneous fermentation.

After a short time the juice was bottled and sealed.

Verjuice Bottled: 1 April, 2021

Vegan friendly: no animal products used.

Lone Star Verjuice

About Verjuice

Verjuice is nonalcoholic and a condiment (not a beverage).

A traditional practice when fruit dropping in smaller vineyards has been to use it to make Verjuice. Because some of blocks would benefit from less fruit load it was a fortuitous juxtaposition between surplus unripe fruit and verjuice making.

Verjuice is best used in cooking; it provides a fruity acidic lift to almost anything. It enhances acidity without the tartness of vinegar. And the result is a flavour boost without detracting from the core ingredients.

It’s great in dressings and sauces and we particularly like using it to bake stone fruits or rhubarb. Just add a bit of brown sugar into a baking dish with the fruit and verjuice and voila: a yummy, cooked fruit for dessert.

A word of warning – Verjuice is not designed to be consumed on its own.