2017 was our first commercial scale vintage.

We created three varietal wines from the five we have in the vineyard. We picked:

1. Pinot Noir from both red volcanic clay and yellow duplex soils;
2. Chardonnay from our single clone new plantings; and
3. Shiraz from the warmest site in the vineyard.

SEason Conditions

Growing conditions were excellent throughout with no days over 40 degrees and plenty of cool nights. Tannins were allowed to ripen in sync with the sugar development which meant acids held up to maturity. Berry flavours on the vine were true to type.

Picking dates reverted to longer term norms, though our Shiraz/Syrah was not picked until April 24, our latest ever successful pick of the variety.

Lone Star Creek Pinot Noir
Lone Star Creek Syrah

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