Here’s how we came to be where we are today…

It was back in 1996 when we were living in Carlton that we decided to buy a vineyard in the wild Yarra Valley countryside. Yes, back then it was a very different place!

Gill and I were both working in financial services, but we knew we wanted to grow grapes and make wine. 

We fell in love with the property because we saw the potential to achieve our dreams. It had stunning views, perfect slopes and a little cottage to stay in while we travelled back and forth between the vineyard and Melbourne (now on Airbnb: Lone Star Creek Vine Cottage).

The kids grew up running around the farm with our dogs and helped planting the vines on weekends. 

While early production went to the big players, by 2004 we were able to produce enough grapes to start selling to smaller wine makers as well.

The volume grew and we finally had the house built in 2014.

Wine making

After settling in, we found some time to go further with our dreams and start making wine under our own label in 2017.

With a longstanding relationship with @hoddlescreekestate we engaged the exceptional Franco D’Anna to make our wines.

Now with five vintages under our label we are over the moon. Folk who see and taste our wine like it! Better still some even buy it! We pop up in the most interesting places.

It’s great to have that support. Gill and I couldn’t be happier with how things are ticking along on this 25 year long journey. It’s great when dreams close.

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